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English language is commonly used in a variety of professions -more than ever- as globalization reaches its peak and situation getting more demanding by facing very fast and violent technology changes that directly affect professions & labor market.

The teaching of vocational education face an unknown challenge based on the guidance of high skill training mode with work-integrated learning. Students from different places have different English language level. Long-term teaching method and doing some exercises teaching mode cultivate students not to speak English, which cannot meet the real practice of English language skills. In view of this situation, it is imperative to carry out the practical school-college training centre English teaching reform.

All these created the need to assist all the involved parties to increase their abilities in vocational English, working with new or different techniques and be self-learners, following the ?usually free- data revolution.

In EU but also all over the world huge amount of people are able to find a better job opportunity in a foreign company in their country or in another country, but English and especially vocational English is a serious disadvantage. World Wide Web is an ocean of free information and a learning field, but low level in vocational English is a stop barrier. Young people are not familiar and not at all enthusiastic with traditional books, that often are dropped to be recycled unopened, but they are also familiar and keen with pc, tablets and mobile applications.


We can support all the people involved by enriching the abilities of three major quantities:

  • English teachers that teach vocational English
  • Vocational teachers, that have a basic knowledge in English language
  • Students in any vocational education level, that has an A2(?) level in English.

Each part has its special needs and qualifications, but their common field is VET and classrooms.

English teachers are fluent users of language and grammar rules, but they know ?usually- nothing about the tech aspect they have to teach, especially with those which rapidly follow technology changes ?IT, engineering, logistics etc.

Vocational teachers are very familiar with their aspects, but they may know a bit of English and need help to found terminology support, in order to make their lessons more competive and adaptive to the global market needs.

Students are facing a more complex problem. With English teachers class is boring because they know in their native language what the theme is about and teachers don?t and also they expect more from vocational teachers, who?s rarely use English in their lessons. Both teacher categories are often using traditional, classic teaching approaches ?teacher centralized- that produce a ?dry? class that cannot breathe. After leaving school or training centers, without help from educators, problem is getting bigger and graduates need targeted assistant.

e-VET point of view

Our perspective is not a revolution in teaching or just a new theory that creates something from zero point. Is a combination, a mix of a variation of tools and methods that can produce a fresh, alive and more dynamic teaching approach. We made an extended literature research and after that we have collected tools and methods from six EU members-partners and a serious amount of educators experience from each country. All these amount of tools and methods will be combined and presented in a few examples with complex teaching techniques, in five vocational specifications:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive engineering
  • Food & beverage
  • Computer studies -IT
  • Finance

Conclusion is that anyone involved with e-VET is free to produce his own work by mixing all of those and create its best. We expect that our readers & followers will enhance self improving and self learning, will open new roads in teaching vocational English and altogether, teachers & students will enjoy classroom! And by sharing all this material free all over the world we can make English in Vocational Education & Training an easy process!

From the following link can reach the e-VET Book Unit 1 for Automotive engineers and take a basic idea of our work!

Unit 1 Automotive Engineers

All the material is in open source in order to donwload it and use it as it suits you! You can learn more and download the material produced by the e-VET partnership from http://e-vet.eu/